CDA Interview Preparation


Dental Interview Plus is a preparation package to assist those preparing for a CDA-structured Dental Interview. The road to getting an offer to interview at Canadian dental schools is a long arduous process. Once you get to the interview stage you want to do the most you possibly can to be successful in the interview.

This cda interview preparation package was designed by a fellow student who once went through this dental interview process as well, and was extremely successful.  In advance of the year he expected to interview, he invested months in researching for his own preparation. He had decided that if offered an interview, he wanted to know that he had exhausted all possible resources in maximizing his own performance in his first attempt. He wanted to ensure that the interview was not the element in his background that was a roadblock to getting admitted to dental school. He had heard of too many who had spent many years reapplying repeatedly to multiple dental schools in order to secure admission, many often giving up along the way. He therefore invested roughly 100 hours the year before applying in amalgamating as much background information as possible on the CDA-structured dental interview. As a result, he was successful in his quest and was accepted with his first application and first CDA interview.

Many later requested his input and help in their own process, and as a result this CDA- structured interview package was created. He added to his initial research from his personal experience in preparing and going through the interview process. This package is also updated and expanded annually as it benefits from continual feedback by its many users. All who have used it testify to its helpfulness. Those who have followed its guidelines have attested to their confidence in maximizing their own abilities on interview day.

Instead of spending your time doing only a fraction of what this student has done in terms of research, why not use your valuable time in preparing and practicing as much as possible instead! Benefit from the legwork that has been done for you. Ensure that you are as prepared as possible for your CDA structured dental interview – it’s an investment in your own future.