Dental Interview Plus offers the most comprehensive, specific, practical and up-to-date guide available for preparing for the Canadian CDA-structured interview.

Dental Interview Plus offers a comprehensive Canadian CDA dental interview preparation package created by a dental student for other aspiring dental students who want to invest in their best shot at a successful CDA-structured dental interview.

This package is the only one of its kind in the field of CDA interview preparation which combines both personal experience in the process with exhaustive, continually-updated research, and the most thorough step-by-step guide, structured approach, and extensive practice question banks to help someone prepare his or her best for their CDA-structured interview.

If you’ve invested all the time and work in getting as far as being offered an interview at a dental school, you want to ensure that you make the most of the opportunity to improve your odds of admission.  Too many approach these interviews as standard traditional interviews, rather than specifically-structured ones, and therefore fail to prepare adequately to optimize results. They fail to recognize that CDA-structured dental interview preparation is definitely worthwhile. The more you understand what is involved, the better you can perform. Failing to take advantage of all resources in preparing risks sacrificing what you want most – an offer of admission to dental school!!! Combining this package of interview preparation guidelines and extensive question banks with a lot of hard work will guarantee that you optimize your interview performance.  Those who have used it in their CDA dental interview preparation and have invested the time in preparing according to its structured approach have testified to its helpfulness. They have reported feeling very confident both going into the CDA interview, and in their optimal performance throughout.



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