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Dental Interview Plus offers the most comprehensive, specific, practical and up-to-date guide available for preparing for the Canadian CDA-structured interview.

Dental Interview Plus offers a comprehensive Canadian CDA dental interview preparation package created by a dental student for other aspiring dental students who want to invest in their best shot at a successful CDA-structured dental interview.

This package is the only one of its kind in the field of CDA interview preparation which combines both personal experience in the process with exhaustive, continually-updated research, and the most thorough step-by-step guide, structured approach, and extensive practice question banks to help someone prepare his or her best for their CDA-structured interview.

If you’ve invested all the time and work in getting as far as being offered an interview at a dental school, you want to ensure that you make the most of the opportunity to improve your odds of admission.  Too many approach these interviews as standard traditional interviews, rather than specifically-structured ones, and therefore fail to prepare adequately to optimize results. They fail to recognize that CDA-structured dental interview preparation is definitely worthwhile. The more you understand what is involved, the better you can perform. Failing to take advantage of all resources in preparing risks sacrificing what you want most – an offer of admission to dental school!!! Combining this package of interview preparation guidelines and extensive question banks with a lot of hard work will guarantee that you optimize your interview performance.  Those who have used it in their CDA dental interview preparation and have invested the time in preparing according to its structured approach have testified to its helpfulness. They have reported feeling very confident both going into the CDA interview, and in their optimal performance throughout.

What does this CDA interview preparation package include?

Our CDA interview preparation package itself is in pdf format and therefore can readily be sent to you the same day you process your payment through paypal. We know that time is important. The more time we save you, the more you time you can invest in your preparation.

The Dental Interview Plus package is comprised of 171 pages. It covers the background to the CDA structured interview process, and some preparation information specific to certain schools. Before you begin your work in preparing, we guide you through an understanding of exactly what the CDA structured interview style is, and what the types of questions are you can expect. We highlight both the competencies sought, as well as the specific factors to address in order to best reflect those competencies. A separate study sheet is provided with this data in order to allow others to mock interview with you, and for you to self-analyze your own responses readily. A structured approach to first preparing your personal background content is outlined, as well as how to start the practice process. We also outline how to structure your answers to the various types of questions.

No other CDA interview preparation package offers the same depth of background and specifics in terms of approaching your own personal preparation, nor provides the depth of understanding in what your interview answers should contain. While many students rely merely on gathering and practicing a multitude of practice questions from various sources, this approach fails to address the importance of the content required in the answers. Our guidelines will give you the resources you need to double check and self-evaluate your practice answers to any questions you prepare. We help you understand the evaluation criteria. What good is practicing 100 questions if you don’t know what the answers should ideally include? First preparing our suggested background work before delving into practice and then using our evaluation criteria to go back and check your responses will ensure your time invested in practice is well-spent for optimal results. Your time is valuable. We want to help you use it wisely.

Once you have done all of the guided preparation, you will have databanks of 100 traditional, 195 situational, and 230 behavioural practice questions with which to practice. This is by far the most extensive databank available anywhere. Sample questions and answers are given to get you started. Based on your feedback in previous years we have expanded the sample answers available to help you understand the application of principles. There are 20 pages now added dealing solely with sample answers. Additionally a number of full mock interview set ups are provided for you to mock interview with family and friends even though they are not familiar with the process or requirements. A summary key is provided for them to check your content against the ideal requirements. This can also be used to evaluate yourself if you videotape your practices.

Finally,  tips are provided for the period nearing interview day after all the practice is complete.

The most current product available is the 11th edition, which has been updated for the 2017/18 interview cycle. It has an improved outline order, enhanced tips, and an expanded databank of practice questions and sample answers relative to previous editions. It is available for purchase as of November 27, 2017.

How do I buy it?

The price of the Dental Interview Plus package is $199. A small investment in a very promising future.

When you decide to purchase the Dental Interview Package as your preparation guide to your CDA structured dental interview, you just need to email us at:


Indicate in your email that you are ordering the package. We will respond the same day with a reply confirmation email, as well as a separately-generated invoice through paypal.

We pay for the security of paypal in order to ensure that all payment transactions are as safe and secure as possible.

When you receive the paypal invoice you go to the paypal site online. If you have a paypal account already you just process payment through your account. If you don’t have a paypal account it only takes a few minutes to establish one. Paypal will prompt you through the process. You will then have the choice to either process payment through your bank ( it may take a few days for paypal to verify before payment will be processed), or by credit card (with which payment is processed immediately). Paypal will notify us by email the moment that your payment has processed. If we receive that notification before 9 pm EST, your pdf package is sent to you the same day. If notification is received after 9 pm EST we send you your package the next morning.



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